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NRC_Guard Booth F04.jpg

Site work, Demolition, Concrete and Wet Utilities, Site Concrete including Side Walks, Pavers, Footing, Steps and Ramp, Garage Ramps. Pedestrian Entrance Replacement, Add Anti Piggy Backing, Man Trap and TWFN Entrance Replacement Add Anti Piggy Backing at Two Revolving Doors and Man Trap.

NRC_Plaza Renovations
NRC_Entrance Door 02
NRC_Hearing Room Renovation 03
NRC_Security Barrier
NRC_Security Barrier 01
NRC_Guard Booth F09

New Entrance Doors and the all divisions work associated with the installation of the new Doors. Conversion of existing parking lot into main security entrance check-point, installation of bollards system through perimeter of the property and new landscaping.

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